Founded by Kaity Gonzalez , Casamia Designs is a Sonoma County interior design studio dedicated to upgrading your living space.


About Kaity

Kaity has been an avid shopper since age two, when she made her first phone call to the home shopping network to order a diamond bracelet for her mom (a true story according to Kaity’s parents). Born and raised in Santa Rosa, California, Kaity begged for trips to nearby San Francisco to satisfy her shopping needs and in her teen years, she took a particular interest in home decor following the decoration of her best friend’s bedroom by a real life interior designer! From then on, she redecorated her room on a regular basis and the rest is history.

Kaity has a BA in English Literature from The University of Arizona and her first career was in communications and public relations in Los Angeles. When her first boss closed up shop to become First Lady Michelle Obama’s Director of Communications, Kaity was at a crossroads and decided to pursue interior design as more than a hobby. She landed a job with the renowned Obama White House designer, Michael S. Smith. She worked for Michael Smith Inc. for eight years as an assistant, auction and art specialist, and designer. She has contributed to design projects all over the world, from Los Angeles to the Hamptons to Mallorca, Spain.

When she is not designing, Kaity enjoys reading British chick lit, wine tasting, and adventuring with her husband and their three young children and French Bulldog, Belle.